Buy the book called The Worthy Organization

The Worthy Organization is a an e-book that is published online at:

At that site you may buy the book, or download a sample, or peruse the entire book online. Why do we make the whole book visible online?

Two reasons:

  1. Leanpub provides the option to make the entire book available for online study because as unknown authors, people will not likely buy the book after reading only our promotional material. So, you can see the whole book online.
  2. If you were in a bookstore looking at books, you are free to look at all of the pages of every book. We think it should be the same here.

Are we worried about people reading the book for free and using the advice provided without paying? No. The user can choose to pay as little as $5.95 for the book. We think that if anyone finds even one good and usable idea in the book, surely s/he will be willing to pay at least $5.95. As this is being written (after the book has been available online for over a year), the average amount that people are paying is actually above our asking price of $8.95. So, we are fairly sure that we are providing good value. Also, if an organization can use our advice, and is too poor to part with $5.95, then perhaps it is welcome to the information.