How to buy the book:
The Worthy Organization

a seedling that symbolizes the growth of an organizationIt is Monday, June 2nd, 2014, and today we decided The Worthy Organization was ready for publication.

The book is published by Leanpub, and you can read all about it and buy it at: << Please click this link and go there now.

At the Leanpub web site you may even read the whole book online. Why do we make it available and still expect people to buy it? The creators of the Leanpub system say that with the amount of material published every year, an author’s problem is obscurity, not people stealing the book. We believe that you will find real value in this book and we don’t need to take your money before you learn what we have for you. We also think that the price is so low you won’t mind paying us if you can truly use some of the techniques you will discover in the book. We’d love it if you told people about The Worthy Organization.

If you’d like to contact us, please write to the follow address. Type Worthy Organization in the subject field to avoid our spam filters. send a message here