About the book

The Worthy Organization is an e-book about successfully organizing any association, club, society, or project that you and your friends want to found or revitalize. The authors are Robert J Ballantyne and Sherry S Jennings.

The book is published by Leanpub, and you read all about it at:
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The techniques described in The Worthy Organization will work for any organization that requires a corps of volunteers or members. It is about pulling together like-minded people for some worthy purpose. Therefore the book may talk about clubs and societies, as well as members and volunteers, the distinctions are not important: they are all organizations of volunteers that may or may not have staff support.

Over the years Robert Ballantyne has been drawn to participate in leadership roles in support of tourism and civic boosterism organizations, professional societies, astronomy clubs, educational institutions, and environmental organizations. Along the way he worked with some amazing organizers. Robert says, “This book is a collection of practical processes that I learned from them, or discovered from making my own mistakes.” Many of the sections in the book began as essays that he’d written to help people manage a situation. When Sherry Jennings joined this project she brought new insights and her wealth experience and perspectives.

As this is being written governments everywhere are withdrawing support for many of the programs and institutions that we all value to provide the quality of life that we wish to enjoy. The conclusion is that more and more we are counting on our nonprofit facilities and organizations to fill that gap. We need you to learn how to be successful with your project. This book is a collection of sharp tools that produce real results.