Trying to use the new video streaming service:

By Robert Ballantyne.

As someone who uses teleconferencing several times each week, talking to other people with audio and video is not new to me. These days most of us, certainly including Sherry and myself, are using We’ve also experimented with video narrowcasts using Google Hangouts, Ustream, Youtube live streaming, Skype (with recording software), and others. While these work, they are sufficiently complicated that they present major barriers to both to technical production, and to easy participant involvement. There is a new player this season called Blab. It works very well for anyone with a Twitter account + a webcam + microphone. Here I am joined by my friend and video producer, Deepak Sahasrabudhe of in an experiment to see how easy this can be to use.

This is a live-stream event using The site provides the embed code to show the videocast on my own website, like this:

…or watch the event at Blab, the advance of this link is that is shows all of the related chat: