Learning while delivering talks related to The Worthy Organization

As a result of giving the talk to groups, I’ve learned a few things from the people I’m addressing. And I think that is enriching the process of giving these talks.

  • At one of the talks was a publisher who made reference to the old maxim: There is at least one book in everyone. She commented that book publishers (of paper books) are not likely to be interested in authors who are going to write only one book. For that first book the publisher spends a great deal of effort and resources to make both the author and the book known. The real money is made from from future sales with authors who are going to produce many books. Interesting.
  • This business of writing an ebook that purchasers can download again at anytime in the future marks a new relationship that can, and should, exist between writer and reader. Since the ebook can be easily be updated when a reader makes a worthy suggestion, now we should have writers harvesting good ideas from their readers and adding value to existing titles.
  • An book might never produce a volume of readers that makes it worthy of shelf-space at a local bookseller; but an ebook might find its niche market in the english-speaking world that still represents a large number of buyers.