Setting up a new web site for
The Worthy Organization

Does anyone ever read the first post at a blog? I (Robert) do. When I find that I’m enjoying the articles at someone’s blog, I’ll go back to the very beginning to see what dreams and ideas prompted the author to set up the blog. Often the style changes as the blogger experiments with the process. Well, here I am at the first post of a new blog.

It is now in the last days May of 2014. We are making the final adjustments to the book, The Worthy Organization, and I hope that we are now only days away from making it available for sale online. One of the items on my todo list was to buy this domain, and set up a web site. That’s what I’m doing right now.

Since I mentioned the business of looking at the start of a blog, you might be interested in how I started my first blog. You can find it here:

If you know how to navigate a blog, you might discover that there are articles at the blog that were posted before the date of the first blog article. Those were experiments in time-travel. I’ll leave you to go there and explore how that is possible — if you are interested.