A talk for groups about e-publishing

While experimenting with and fine-tuning my talk to small groups about my e-book, The Worthy Organization, I discovered that while in any group of people there are a few who really want to know about how my book will help them inspire a cadre of volunteers and need this book — most people are more interested in hearing about the process of publishing online.

It seems that almost everyone has a book they’d like to write, or knows someone with a good idea for a book.

In response to this interest, I have developed a short talk (20-minute or less) talk about e-publishing your book.

I would be happy to present it to your group, in person or online. Your feedback will help me fine-tune the talk.

Here is the outline of the talk:

Title: Now nothing stands in the way of writing and publishing your own book

  • Why people don’t self-publish (even though they have a good idea)
  • Writing strategies and tips (adapted to your group)
  • No obstacles, no excuses — not any more!
  • Self Publishing, the new process for an e-book (working with Leanpub)
  • The Happiness Guarantee
  • Future downloads forever — a new relationship between writer and reader
  • No risk with e-publishing
  • Formats: ePub, Mobi, and PDF
  • Collaboration with fellow authors: Leanpub/Dropbox
  • Book launch — pricing models (for example, buyer chooses what to pay)
  • Booksellers and specialty niche markets – which is right for you?
  • Low cost promotion & word-of-mouth

Contact me here to explore the idea – no obligation: Robert Ballantyne